Addiction treatment – Our specialisation

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Our addiction treatment centre specialises in helping addicted individuals and their family members. Our staff have over 30 years of experience, whereas the centre itself has been helping addiction sufferers for over 20 years. The addiction treatment at “The Road Back Home” is tailored to our patients’ needs and offered both as individual and group therapy. When necessary, we could also offer pharmacological treatment under medical supervision.

Addiction treatment

Our addiction treatment centre offers help to those struggling with substance abuse.
We specialise in:

  • alcohol addiction
  • prescription drug addiction
  • drug addiction
  • gambling addiction

Drug and alcohol rehab (Detox)

Our highly qualified team of nurses, medical practitioners and certified psychotherapists is ready to take care of you. Do not postpone the decision regarding your recovery and choose an effective alcohol detox program at our centre. “The Road Back Home” is a private alcohol, drug and prescription drug addiction treatment centre – we guarantee professional help and understanding.

Free of charge advisory service

Contemplating a rehab, but not sure if addiction treatment is for you? Please reach out to discover that “The Road Back Home” is more than just an ordinary rehab centre.
We will be happy to answer all your questions.