Drug rehab – drug addiction recovery through detox

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Drug rehab, understood here as drug detoxification, is used in order to break the cycle of drug use. A drug detox is intended to reduce the unpleasant physical symptoms associated with the withdrawal syndrome. As such, it eliminates the craving for psychoactive substance. The principle of a drug detox consists of cleansing the patient’s body of toxines and symptomatic pharmacological treatment. This serves to bring the patient necessary relief during this difficult recovery period.

The course of treatment

The initial stage of a drug rehab is a clinical interview. This is done to establish any preexisting conditions that have to be taken into account before the appropriate course of action is set. In addition to that and when required, we offer in-house blood testing.

A drug detox serves to break the vicious cycle of drug abuse. This procedure itself does not cure drug addiction, but it improves your overall condition enabling you to enter proper addiction treatment.

Stationary (in-house) drug rehab

Similar to an alcohol detox, we offer a stationary drug rehab at our Centre. The rehab takes place in comfortable surroundings and begins with the medical assessment stage, followed by the abstinence stage. Next, the patient is offered counselling to help them decide about their future and the right course of therapy.

The duration of drug detox depends on the nature of a psychoactive drug involved in the addiction and the patient’s overall condition. We take particular care in our patients’ well-being during and after the detoxification. The whole process takes place under strict medical supervision and is completely safe to our patients.

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