Prescription drug abuse

leki na dłoni

A prescription drug detoxification most often consists of reducing the intake of a given prescription drug. The process involves administering substitution drugs intended to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. This procedure is set according to the patient’s individual needs.

The detoxification relies on pharmacological treatment that reduces or completely eliminates the unpleasant withdrawal syndrome and allows the body to recuperate its vital functions. This kind of a detox will also serve to recuperate the internal organs’ state. The process is intended to break the cycle of prescription drug abuse which in itself is a prerequisite to begin the proper addiction treatment.


Once the detox is over, the patient’s overall condition improves dramatically allowing normal functioning again. Even though the detoxification itself does not cure the addiction, it provides the necessary improvement in health and well-being which are necessary to begin the proper addiction treatment at our Centre.

Given the nature of prescription drug addiction and the necessity to reduce the drug intake gradually, this particular rehab process is time consuming. This is due to the fact that an abrupt abstinence from prescription drugs might threaten the patient’s health and recovery.

Prior to the detox, the patient undergoes a clinical interview meant to establish any preexisting conditions that have to be taken into account before the appropriate course of action is set. In addition to that and when required, we offer in-house blood testing.

A prescription drug detox serves to break the vicious cycle of substance abuse. The procedure itself does not cure prescription drug addiction, but it improves the patient’s overall condition enabling them to enter proper addiction treatment.

We offer a stationary (in-house) prescription drug detoxification in safe, comfortable environment. The procedure consists of three stages:

  • the medical stage during which your body is cleansed of prescription drugs and their by-products
  • the stage of gentle transition to abstinence
  • the counselling stage that helps you decide about your future

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