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Our team is comprised solely of certified specialists with many years of experience and necessary professional skills. Alcohol and drug detox are carried out only by qualified personnel. We attach great importance to choosing the right people – this makes “The Road Back Home” stand out in the field of addiction treatment. We employ only professionalists – certified psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Medical Practicioners (Physicians), clinical Psychologists and Nurses. Our team is also composed of certified Soul Body Fusion® meditation practitioners (www.SoulBodyFusion.com).

The three fundamental principles on which “The Road Back Home” our approach is based are:

  1. high quality of services
  2. professional integrity
  3. flexibility – understood as an individual approach towards every patient

Individual and group therapy of substance abuse in Wrocław, Poland

We provide professional care based on the up-to-date addiction treatment methods. We continuously keep our knowledge and skills current in order to effectively help our patients. We make a good team that is always eager to learn new things and correct our mistakes whenever necessary. Aside from the theoretical knowledge amassed through specialised education, professional trainings and every day work, we will share with you our personal stories. Thanks to the latter, we understand perfectly well the suffering of an addicted person. Our personal approach makes the whole recovery experience more meaningful and longlasting. We also know how to help family members of addicted individuals – we will take care of your relatives as well.



Andrzej Gabiński, MA

Certified addiction treatment psychotherapist (certification no. 396)

“I have worked with people struggling with addictions and their families since 15.06.1989. I have been continuously expanding my knowledge base and learning applicable skills during that time. My principle is “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Psychotherapy and working with people have given me the satisfaction, strength and respect for another human being. I believe that what makes a good addiction treatment centre, is not only the knowledge passed to a patient, but also the overall atmosphere created by people employed at such an institution – the latter, in particular, encourages patients to appreciate the gift of sobriety.”

Certified addiction treatment psychotherapist, certified tobacco treatment counsellor, certified adolescent and family addictions counsellor, certified counsellor for domestic abusers. Graduate of Wrocław University in Management Psychology.
Addiction treatment instructor – works with local governments and interdisciplinary organisations in the field of addiction treatment and substance abuse prevention programs. Counsellor and mentor to school teachers, family counsellors, social workers, et cetera.


Lilla Gabińska, MA

Certified addiction treatment psychotherapist (certification no. 361)

“I have gained my experience with addiction treatment, as well as domestic violence therapy, over the course of multiple years working at private and state institutions. I believe that respect is the key factor when working with people, irrespective of their mental state. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and learning new skills that allow me to offer better help to people in need.”

Certified addiction treatment psychotherapist, certified adolescent and family addictions counsellor. Graduate of Wrocław University in Management Psychology. Postgraduate diploma in domestic violence prevention. Addiction treatment instructor – works with local governments and interdisciplinary organisations in the field of addiction treatment and substance abuse prevention programs. Counsellor and mentor to school teachers, family counsellors, social workers, et cetera.

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Adam Głuszek, MA

Certified addiction treatment psychotherapist

Graduate of Wrocław University. Over 20 years of experience in addiction treatment. Certified adolescent addictions counsellor.

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Adam Stawiarski, MA

I have dealt with addictions and family relations for many years. I continuously take part in psychology trainings and workshops, broadening my understanding of this field. I am experienced in working with addicted people and their relatives.

My core principles when working with another person are honesty, respect, acceptance and kindness – my goal is that every willing person finds freedom from addictions. I am convinced that every person has that strength within!

I am a graduate in psychology, specialising in health and well-being. Since, however, my thirst of understanding human psyche and behaviours remains unfulfilled, I carry on studying. Currently, I am in my final year of II-degree clinical psychology at the University of Lower Silesia.

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Lila Papierowska, MA

Special Attention Needs Guidance Counsellor and a certified addiction treatment psychotherapist

My professional interests involve motivational dialogue, and I am in favour of using this technique in therapy. I am fascinated by the fact that this method allows recovery even in the most serious cases.

I am of the opinion that every person is capable of self-improvement throughout their whole life. We can become wiser, stronger, more courageous, content and free. In my work, I focus specifically on facilitating self-development in my patients.

The motivation of our clients to change their lives is of particular importance – this motivation is the starting point to reach a new, wonderful stage of life.

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Dawid Pluta-Plutowski, MD


I am a graduate of Wrocław Medical University. I am a resident psychiatrist at Lower Silesian Mental Health Centre. I have been working at “Baby Vita” “and “Society for Family Development” mental health centres in Wrocław municipality for the last several years.

I am a graduate of anxiety disorder integrative psychotherapy training in Cracow. I hold a postgraduate diploma in clinical sexology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. Currently, I am undergoing a Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) training in Warsaw. At “The Road Back Home”, I am primarily involved in diagnosing and treating addictions, but also offer my guidance in treating anxiety and mood disorders, as well as depression. I help dealing with psychological traumas and with stress coping.

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Paweł Stępień, MD


A graduate of Łódź Medical University. Graduated from Lower Silesian Mental Health Centre in Wrocław, specialising in Psychiatry. Currently employed at a Milicz Medical Centre Adult Psychiatry Ward, at Sudeten Mountains Medical Centre in Pieszyce (child and adolescent ward) and also as a “doctor on duty” in Ostrów Wielkopolski Hospital. Additional professional experience at a Psychiatric Hospital in Warta and Ministry of Internal Affairs Psychiatric Hospital in Cieplice. Graduated from multiple trainings in psychiatry and pharmacology, including an internship at Riverview Medical Centre in New Jersey, the US. His professional interests include pharmacological psychiatric methods for treatment of individuals.

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Grzegorz Jeziorski, MD


A graduate of Łódź Medical University. I have been gaining my clinical and professional experience at Lower Silesian Mental Health Centre in Wrocław. I am also employed at a local mental health centre, working with individuals struggling with alcohol and substance abuse. I continuously improve my professional qualifications by participating in numerous specialised trainings. I am of the opinion that a thorough clinical interview is fundamental for a reliable diagnosis and appropriate treatment. I use a holistic approach in my clinical practice.

Agata Jaskólska-Rybak

I have studied psychology at Wrocław University of Social Sciences and Humanities, specialising in clinical psychology. I began my professional journey 12 years ago at a private psychiatric institution, working with individuals suffering from addictions, eating or anxiety disorders, depression and various other psychiatric disorders. I am a graduate of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy as well as Family Therapy postgraduate courses. I also took part in “Compassion and understanding” and “Life Coaching” trainings.

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Wiktoria Sieniuć

4th year psychology student at Wrocław University

Even though I am at the beginning of my career as a psychologist or a future psychotherapist, I cannot complain about the lack of commitment and enthusiasm. I have been gaining my experience from patients with whom I work on a daily basis. In return, I get involved in my work as much as I can – this includes allowing emotions and encouraging my patient’s genuine “self” to reveal itself.

Tomasz Goleniewski

Psycholog kliniczny

Jestem psychologiem klinicznym psychologiem diagnostą. Ukończyłem Uniwersytet Humanistyczno-społeczny we Wrocławiu. Posiadam certyfikat interwencji kryzysowej. Pracuje z osobami zmagającymi się z różnego rodzaju zaburzeniami psychicznymi – szczególnie zaburzeniami lękowymi, zaburzeniami nastroju oraz osobami doświadczającymi różnego rodzaju kryzysów.
Praktykę zawodową zdobywałem w Dolnośląskim Centrum Onkologii we Wrocławiu. Oferuje pomoc w szeroko rozumianym kryzysie-życiowym, zawodowym, emocjonalnym. „Spośród wszystkich podstawowych cech osobowości pozytywne nastawienie do życiowych doświadczeń predysponuje nas do szanowania własnego życia i życia innych ludzi. Skłania nas to do cenienia wszelkich doświadczeń i pozytywnego spojrzenia na nie, jest to niezbędne dla naszego rozwoju, radzenia sobie z przeciwnościami losu, niepowodzeniami i stratami”.