Codependency – Definition and treatment

We understand how desperate and hopeless you may feel, when involved with an addicted person!

Please note that an addicted person is no longer able to manage their life – every sick person, however, deserves compassion and understanding!

Do not judge an addict since it may exacerbate their addiction even further! An honest conversation in which you explain your feelings and thoughts with regard to someone else’s addiction is the only thing you can do at this point in time.


An addict has to take full responsibility for their life and refrain from attempts to minimise the consequences of their drinking, abusing drugs or gambling.

An addicted person has to hit the so-called “bottom”, experience the consequences of their actions and decide for themselves if the time is right to start changing their life.

Sad, but true! An addicted person does not have bad intentions, nor are they mean spirited – instead, the addiction mechanisms make this person carry on drinking, using drugs and gambling in order to maintain the false image of reality. An addicted person has to experience the social, physical and financial costs of their addiction. The longer we shield the addict from the consequences of their addiction, the longer we allow them to remain addicted!

We can help you

If you feel lost or do not know what to do, please reach out for a free of charge advisory service.