Education and leisure as a complement to addiction therapy

Addiction wreaks havoc in the addicted person’s life, making them abandon their passions or disregard their physical and mental well-being. An addicted person lives a dysfunctional life, neglecting their spiritual development and personal growth. An addict spends most of their time engaged in substance abuse.

Given the above, we understand how important it is to comprehensively take care of your body and soul – this is a crucial therapy element, often times overlooked by other addiction treatment centres.

Edukacja i rekreacja

We show how to re-discover the joy of life

At “The Road Back Home”, we understand that alcohol or drug rehab involves preparing our patients to future life outside of our centre. Hence, the therapy at our centre also explains how to take care of oneself. We want our patients to lead balanced lives in which work and leisure are complemented with personal and spiritual growth.

Addiction therapy is intended not only to help you win against substance abuse, but also teaches you how to enjoy your free time while sober.